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Where are IN BED products made?

IN BED products are carefully sourced from all corners of the globe. We aim to create thoughtful essentials for everyday life and produce wares that our customers can live in and love for years to come.

We use only high quality, natural fibres and fabrics, always ensuring with our producers that ethical practices are maintained. We work closely with and visit all of our suppliers and factories, at least annually, to make certain that standards for our products (and those who make them) are consistent and exceedingly high.


Flax for our linen originates in France, where it is grown and harvested. After harvest it is then woven and made into IN BED products at a small, family run factory in Shenzhen, China which we work with closely and visit regularly.

You’ve probably heard the term ‘French Linen’ or ‘Belgian Linen’ used by many linen brands, and yes, like our linen, it likely does originate in France. However, if your linen isn’t costing upwards of $1,000+ for a full set, chances are it’s not woven and finished in France or Belgium.

The factory we work with in Shenzhen specialises in high-quality flax linen products and have been in business for over a decade, and take great care & pride in producing an exemplary product. They export linen fabric and goods to high-end brands in Switzerland, Italy, the U.S. and more, producing a linen of exceptional quality at an accessible price.


Our percale bedding is made from 100% cotton in Guimarães, Portugal. The factory we work with specialises in premium cotton bedding and has been family owned and operated since the 1940’s.

In a 400 thread count percale cotton, IN BED cotton sheets are closely woven to be smooth, light and breathable, making them ideal for warmer seasons and balmy climates.


Our flannel is made from 100% cotton, grown in Africa and then woven and made into our products in our factory in Guimarães, Portugal. The factory we work with specialises in cotton bedding and are known for their high quality flannel, which is brushed both sides to achieve a super soft finish.

Our Portuguese factory is family owned and operated, having been producing textiles since the 1940’s.


Our cashmere originates in Mongolia and is woven into the yarn that makes our cashmere pieces in Shanghai, China. Our factory employs approximately 500 people between Mongolia and Shanghai. They concentrate on producing exemplary cashmere products, supplying to well known fashion houses and lifestyle brands all over the globe. All dyes and washing processes at our factory are eco-friendly and the water is treated after these processes.

Bath towels

Our towels are made from 100% organic cotton in Imabari, Japan – a region famed for its towel manufacturing. Imabari towels must adhere to a strict set of standards and certifications which ensure towels are supremely durable, soft and absorbent.

The factory that makes our towels is 100% powered by wind and employs a world class wastewater processing facility. Using reactive dyes that are free of heavy metals, towels are finished in a final wash with pure water from the Ishizuchi mountain range.

Woollen blankets & cushions

Our woollen blankets and cushions are made from 100% Australian merino wool. Merino wool is a versatile natural fibre that is incredibly warm and luxuriously soft – it’s easy to care for and very forgiving. IN BED woollen products are spun, woven and finished the traditional way, in Australia’s oldest wool mill in Tasmania.


IN BED candles are a collaboration with candle and perfume house Maison Balzac. Each candle is individually hand-poured in Sydney, Australia and is made using pure soy wax, complex perfume oils and a straight cotton wick.

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Where are IN BED products made?