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two-hundred and sixty-one
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EAT IN BED: Chamomile Maple Syrup Cake with Hayley McKee

Hayley gives us a tour of her kitchen and community garden, and shares something sweet with us from her book, Sticky Fingers, Green Thumb.

two-hundred and fifty-eight
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Eton Mess

Eton Mess is the pavlova for the rest of us.

two-hundred and fifty-four
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EAT IN BED: Ode-To-Summer Salad with with Caitlin Sullivan and Kacie Carter

An heirloom tomato, watermelon, peach and feta salad from LA’s Honey Hi

two-hundred and thirty-eight
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Croque-Monsieur with Analiese Gregory

Analiese Gregory’s toasted-sandwich game is stronger than most.

two-hundred and thirty
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Hazelnut & Apple Galettes by Ruth Barry of Black Isle Bakery

Black Isle Bakery is an institution with the ability to wedge it’s way - via a neatly cut slice of something sweet - into your heart.

two-hundred and twenty-three
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Eat IN BED: Grandmother’s prawn, pork and shiitake wontons with Katrina Birchmeier

When Birchmeier’s family make wontons, everyone has a job.

two-hundred and fifteen
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Eat IN BED: Leftover Veg Antipasto Pickles with Alex Elliott-Howery

Pickling is addictive - it hooked Alex Elliott-Howery many years ago and her curiosity and zeal for it has only grown since.

four-hundred and eight
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Eat IN BED: Medovnik Cake by Boris Portnoy of All Are Welcome Bakery

Boris Portnoy shares a delicious, honey-sweetened cake from his bakery, rich in fluffy buttercream with a soft crunch.

two-hundred and one
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Eat IN BED: Brown Sugar Dumplings and Bourbon Caramel Sauce with Cassandra Morris

A deliciously comforting dessert for cool, Autumn evenings.

one-hundred and ninety-one
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Eat IN BED: Apple Tarte Tatin with Claire Ptak of Violet Cakes

A sweet, autumnal treat for anytime of day with Claire Ptak of London’s much-loved Violet Cakes.

one-hundred and eighty-eight
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Rice Pudding with Cherry Compote

A good excuse to eat all the cherries at the end of summer.

one-hundred and eighty-four
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Eat IN BED: Sian Redgrave’s Humming Bird Cake with Grilled Pineapple & Mascarpone

If you’re looking to cook something that will take an average amount of effort but wow the socks off your friends at dinner, look no further than the recipe pages of Sian Redgrave’s website.

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