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two-hundred and eighteen
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Read IN BED: Feel Free

“When I was eight years old my family moved out of a council estate and into what seemed to me a mansion. From the ...

two-hundred and twelve
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Read IN BED: Lullaby

Lullaby is a slim novel that you can tear through in a frenzied afternoon, with a roster of iced coffees by your side.

two-hundred and three
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Read IN BED: The Answers

This book stays with you long after you read it. It has the air of dystopian fiction – anything with an experiment at the centre of its plot will veer that way – but eerily is placed in the here and now.

one-hundred and ninety-three
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Read IN BED: Inside Vogue

“I have a moment of pure pleasure at being in Milan in the rush at a coffee bar, waiting for my macchiato. The baristas’ performance, as they reach for the white china cups while manipulating nozzles of steam into the milk and shouting across the counter, is almost balletic.” - Alexandra Shulman, In Vogue

one-hundred and eighty-six
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Read IN BED: Call Me By Your Name

Did you really go to the beach this summer if you didn’t have Call Me By Your Name in your cotton string bag, alongside your Turkish towel and your bottle of water?

one-hundred and eighty
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Read IN BED: Island Summers

Endless days spent diving into cool, sparkling water, eating what seems to be a never-ending bounty of seafood dinners supplemented sparkling elderflower drinks, afternoons lazily rowing boats up and down the shoreline foraging for wild raspberries to be sandwiched between two thick slices of sukkerkake and lashings of whipped cream.

one-hundred and seventy-two
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Read IN BED: The Party

“The rich do parties better than the rest of us. It’s not just the money or the every catered-for whim or the superiority of the alcohol and food. It’s a certain unquantifiable atmosphere that comes from other people’s excitement. We are turned on by wealth, us lesser mortals. We don’t want to be and yet we are.”

one-hundred and sixty-six
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Read IN BED: Goodbye Vitamin

Rachel Khong is, or rather was, the editor of the sadly-closed food magazine Lucky Peach and this is her first novel. It is fantastically easy to read – the kind of thing you can flick through on a Sunday morning and find yourself finishing in the afternoon, even including breaking for cups of coffee and mid-afternoon pastries.

one-hundred and fifty-three
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Read IN BED: Siracusa

“Smoking is a reason to get up every morning. If I pass a smoker, I breathe deeply and for a second, life is better. I...

one-hundred and forty-one
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Read IN BED: Party Girls Die In Pearls

Plum Sykes took a long vacation from writing and is back with the first in what is intended to be a new series: Party Girls Die In Pearls. It has all the charm of her first book, the same champagne bubble heroine and sparkling dialogue and wistful descriptions of dresses and jewels.

one-hundred and thirty-four
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Read IN BED: Oranges

A whole book about oranges, I can hear you groan. Why would I want to read that? Because did you know that Florida produces more oranges than Italy, Spain and Morocco put together? And that there’s an Orange baron in the state worth more than $20 million? Do you know what the lives of...

one-hundred and twenty-three
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Read IN BED: Love, Nina

This is one of my favourite books of all time: Love Nina, by Nina Stibbe. I read this almost three years ago in a hurry, devouring each page hungrily over a long weekend in winter before I knew I was starting a full time job and probably wouldn’t have much time to read for pleasure.

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