A Creative Couple’s Home in Colonia Condesa

Images by Ana Laframboise

We return to Mexico City this week to meet Maria Pacheco & Joaquin Martinez at their beautiful home in leafy Colonia Condesa that they share with their dachshund Don. The couple keep busy juggling multiple careers and creative interests; Maria as a photographer and founder of self-care brand Laguna Cyprien and Joaquin as a musician and co-founder of production company Caixa Pro. We spoke to Maria & Joaquin about what they enjoy most about their space, how it contributes to their personal growth and what they’re most looking forward to for the rest of the year.

We have been living here since 2020 and moved in just as the pandemic started. Our home is not only somewhere that we live but also a positive force for our personal growth and for our relationship. It's a space where we can get to create, relax and also have time for ourselves.”

Maria & Joaquin’s bed is dressed in IN BED 100% linen in dove grey and Maria wears and IN BED robe in Kohl.

“Most of our home doesn't receive too much natural light, so we love that our bedroom is sunny and bright. We love waking up to birds chirping in the morning, it’s such a peaceful start to the day. We also enjoy sleeping and dreaming in a comfortable bed. Infact, Maria is really into studying dreams and has been following the practices of the Tibetan Master, Tenzin Wangyal from his ‘Yogas of Dream and Sleep’ teachings.”

We love waking up to birds chirping in the morning, it’s such a peaceful start to the day.

 “One thing we really love about our home is that every object is carefully selected and almost everything is made here in Mexico. We believe in the essential, but also in the appreciation of special objects. For instance, we have a tiny pre-Hispanic dog collection and a ceramic llama made by our talented friends from Ohla Studio, also a painting from Rocca Luis Cesar. We really enjoy having the space full of music and so our vinyl collection is also a very special part of the house.”

Maria: “Work for me everyday is different. My career comes a lot from poetic moments and inspiration, maybe that's why I love this city and this country so much; I have inspiration everywhere. At the moment, I´m exploring photography and trying to figure out my own voice and what I want to say with my work. I’m also very passionate about my company Laguna Cyprien, a maker of objects and experiences for personal care and hospitality, which I’ve built from the ground up with a wonderful business partner. We keep growing, never forgetting to be thankful and always wanting to improve in every way.”

At the moment, I´m exploring photography and trying to figure out my own voice and what I want to say with my work.

Joaquin: “I founded my production company Caixa Pro in 2009 starting in Guadalajara and we are now operating between two cities offering services worldwide. Through my work with Caixa Pro I feel lucky to connect with creative people around the world to create unique audiovisual pieces. My career in music has been growing at the same time; it all began with gigs at local bars when I was sixteen and now I´ve gotten to play with my band in almost every big music festival in the country.”

We really love this area, because we get to walk everywhere and really appreciate the local businesses around. Also our street is really quiet and green. We always prefer to visit small businesses from Mexican owners. We buy our food from the Mercados sobre Ruedas¨(market) every Tuesday and we order seasonal organic vegetables from Arca Tierra.”

Maria: [For the rest of the year] “I’m looking forward to getting to practice what I´ve learned from personal growth, especially through yoga and my spiritual life. It’s always my intention to keep learning from this work and also from newer interests like cooking and playing piano. I’m also very much looking forward to a few trips that we have upcoming and of course our wedding!

Joaquin: “I’m also looking forward to our wedding and being married very soon! But also re-thinking new ways to grow in my career, to travel and to keep connecting with true talented people. Also, to continue on working on a new perspective for my music career through playing vinil sets.”