three hundred and eighty two

Ana Hop, Mexico City

Images by Klinckwort Laframboise

This week on the IN BED Journal we return to Mexico to meet photographer Ana Hop at the beautiful home she shares with her partner Sebastian. Surrounded by the sounds of nature and with an enviable outlook of lush green forest, the home is a labour of love that has come together over more than a decade. The couple’s thoughtful and patient approach to design has created a sanctuary that feels immediately laid-back and lived in, in the best possible way.

“My partner Sebastian has been living here for around fifteen years and remodeled and built more than half of the house. We have been sharing the space and living together here for just over three years now. One of the things I love most about this place is being surrounded by green; we have a lush garden and grow lots of our own fruit and vegetables. It’s also very quiet and peaceful here, apart from the sound of humming birds that like to visit us regularly.”

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“We love how spacious our bedroom is. It has a wonderful terrace with beautiful views to the east so the sunrise each morning is always uplifting. This also applies to the bathroom where we have an outdoor bathtub and shower on a small patio filled with plants. At certain times of the year we can eat figs from the tree while we shower. We love that it has the feeling of a suite with areas to sit and read or ponder or spend a lazy Sunday morning enjoying life.”

“We have carefully picked every object in the house. Each with its own story.  From beautiful natural objects to furniture to artwork.  Some we made ourselves, others are from friends and family and the rest have been acquired with care and patience.  We have also been building the library although at the moment its content is quite motley!”

We have carefully picked every object in the house. Each with its own story.

“My interest in photography started with my mum’s camera. I originally studied communications and after I finished moved to London for a year to study photography. Since then I’ve worked on many different projects, one that is particularly special and personal to me has been photographing my Aunt, which you can see here.”

“My creative process always comes back to the story that I want to tell. It involves thinking very honestly about a theme or subject and looking past how photogenic something might be to focus on the bigger picture.”

“The best part of this area is the sensation of living in the countryside. It’s a relatively central area close to many interesting Mexico City neighbourhoods. We’re very close to the edge of Chapultepec Park which we think is the nicest and most expansive green area in the city. The tradeoff is that we have to use a car to get around, but this has contributed to a more relaxed lifestyle further out of the city.”   

“Outside of work I like to spend my time travelling and taking photographs, always. For the rest of this year I would really like to get back to doing this and hopefully feeling less anxious about the world, my health and the health of our loved ones.”

Linen duvet, sheets and pillowcases by IN BED
Linen duvet, sheets and pillowcases by IN BED

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