four hundred and forty three

Read IN BED: Where the Crawdads Sing

The beauty of this novel is perfectly captured by these opening words which continue to leave an imprint. “Marsh is not swamp. Marsh is space and light, where grass grows in water, and water flows into the sky.”

four hundred and thirty seven

Read IN BED: Sour Heart

A book that’s good enough to read twice in a row… Hannah-Rose Yee reviews Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang.

three hundred and ninety eight

Read IN BED: Enviable Collections

From a thoughtfully stacked shelf in Sydney to a mini-library in Mexico we delve into the archives of the Journal to discover more about some of our most well read friends.

three hundred and forty two

Read IN BED: Tin Man

Every now and then a book comes along that flaws you. You reach the end, close its cover, exhale, and then immediately want to read it again. Tin Man by British author, Sarah Winman, is one of those stories.