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We’ve collaborated with Christina Symes and Jessica Stewart of We are Triibe to create an exclusive new linen colour, moss. IN BED and We are Triibe have worked closely together on various projects, having teamed up to design some of the IN BED popups and our showroom in Sydney. Each of We are Triibe’s design projects include a strong focus on plants and greenery to balance an interior, which is how the earthy moss colourway for IN BED came to be. IN BED X TRIIBE moss linen is sold in sets; a duvet set, sheet set and a pair of pillowslips. The unisex shade pairs perfectly with many of the colours in the IN BED linen range. Unlike other duvet covers in the IN BED collection, the IN BED X TRIIBE Duvet Cover features a copper zipper closure instead of our signature ties, for added style and ease. The colour moss is slightly left-of-centre for traditional linen shades, which is exactly why we like it.

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