Annia Ezquerro, Valle de Bravo, Mexico

Images by Klinckwort Laframboise

This week we return to Valle de Bravo to visit the sunny home of Annia Ezquerro, the designer and founder of sustainable fashion label Korimi Kids. We chatted to Annia about her quest for the quiet life, working with communities of local artisans and her beautiful collection of art.

“We moved to the countryside when the COVID-19 pandemic began. We were looking for a different kind of lifestyle for our family. We found a house in the middle of the forest with enough space for us and the most beautiful light. My husband is a musician and was able to assemble his sound studio and work from home. Everyday our children attend a local school and spend the rest of the afternoon in the garden, our friends visit on weekends and we cook, eat and spend the afternoon outdoors. We love to cook and spend time in the kitchen. Our favorite spot in the house is our bedroom (it has the most beautiful views), the living room, and the garden table.”

Annia’s bed is dressed in an IN BED 100% linen duvet and pillowslips in tan with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and extra pillowslips in tobacco.

“Our bedroom in particular is a sacred adult place, it is really clean and calm, it has two large windows with no curtains so we can watch the moon and the sunrise. On Sundays I love reading in bed late in the morning or until my kids ask for breakfast. I collect folk art, and over the years, have been working with artisans from different Mexican communities while collecting many of their pieces. I have a beautiful beeswax candle in our bedroom made by Viviana, an incredible 75 year old woman from Oaxaca.”

“We also love collecting other types of art, one of our favorite pieces is a Vivian Sutter canvas. I am also a fan of Modesta Fernandez, a woman from Estado de Mexico who made ritual and healing pieces in the 1930’s which she painted in colorful dots -- I own her piece ‘the musicians’. Modesta died some years ago and now her sons continue the legacy.”

“In our local area there is nature everywhere. Behind our house there is a beautiful river where we go for picnics and afternoon walks. On weekends we often spend time paddle boarding at the lake, the light is beautiful there in the morning and I love starting the day by practicing meditation, my kids love it too. In my spare time I also love to run in Monte Alto National Park and grab a coffee at Dosis Cafe or Garden the Walo. I have also recently started a project in Acatitlan, selling folk art objects and crafts of Mexico at a gallery called Pronto Muy Pronto so i spend my mornings there.”

“I’m a textile designer by trade but I spent my first working years as a fashion stylist. I worked for Harpers Bazaar, Elle and other magazines as a freelancer. When I was pregnant with my second child I decided to quit styling and started my own project, Korimi Kids. I love working with traditional Mexican techniques and also being able to tell uniquely Mexican stories and myths, we live in a very very rich country in every way.”

Annia’ founded Korimi Kids with her business partner Monserrat Dominguez with the idea of connecting the universe of moms, dads and kids through objects that capture their imagination. The current collection includes clothing, homewares and other curio.

“The Korimi Kids team is made up of four women in our office and the artisans from the communities that we work with. We decided to work with established and organized NGO’s, which ensure high working standards for the women in the community. We produce small collections and most of our processes are handmade with local materials.”

“In terms of our creative process, I really enjoy working with the symbols behind different Mexican techniques. Everything exists and is done for some functional reason  but also for spiritual reasons too, and I love to design honoring that. All of our pieces have a meaning and a reason to be. I hope they come across as timelessness pieces for women who have a relaxed lifestyle like me.”

Annia’s bed is dressed in an IN BED 100% linen duvet and pillowslips in tan with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and extra pillowslips in tobacco.