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Seven Simple Recipes for a Weekend Away

Heading out of the city this weekend or perhaps looking to cook something special at home? Discover seven delicious recipes from the IN BED Journal that are made with easy to source ingredients, can be pre-prepared or require minimal cooking time, and can be made in even the simplest of unfamiliar AirBnb kitchens.

1. Sweet Potato Breakfast Tacos

Start the day right with this delicious recipe from food writer Sam Hillman. The trick with these Tacos is to keep the egg yolk runny, so it doubles as a bit of a sauce. If you're not into that, a little swipe of aioli (or chipotle mayo?!) would not be out of place here. On second thought, a swipe of aioli is never really out of place anywhere.


2. Mama’s Chicken Cassoulet

Since we posted this recipe a few weeks ago we simply haven’t been able to get enough of it; it’s been tried and tested by multiple members of the IN BED team and received a resounding thumbs up. It’s one of those meals that can be thrown together quickly, or that you could indulge in and let bubble away on the stove on a rainy day.


3. Smoky Eggplant with Tahini

The perfect starter to contribute to a shared lunch or dinner, or an equally impressive side dish to a hearty roasted main. This recipe was inspired by Falafelbaren - the best falafel spot in Stockholm and chef Gabrielle Hamilton whose eggplant recipe from her cookbook Prune is highly coveted by writer Harriet Davidson who created this dish for IN BED.


4. Pumpkin, Chickpea and Cashew Curry

The ultimate winter comfort food. This recipe is indulgent, full of goodness and easy to prepare. One note - if you are thinking of cooking this away from the comforts of your own kitchen we recommend packing your spices as the secret to the flavour is in the subtle hints of good quality cumin, coriander and curry powder.


5. Croque-Monsieur with Analiese Gregory

Analiese Gregory's toasted-sandwich game is stronger than most. The Franklin chef will prepare and glaze a whole Christmas ham "just for sandwiches," and has rigid rules about what moment, and which side of the bread, to butter. Discover her fail-safe recipe for the perfect Croque-Monsieur which could quite literally be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


6. Cacio e Pepe with Tara Burke

What is a weekend away without a simple but superb pasta dish. Tara Burke’s Cacio e Pepe is just that, with only four (yes FOUR!) ingredients it’s the perfect meal to throw together and enjoy with a glass of red wine. Of the dish, Tara says “It's just so humble… Flour and egg or water. It's versatile and quick. It can be a healthy meal or an indulgence. And it always leaves you full and happy."


7. Apple Crumble by Charlotte Ree

We firmly believe that there is always room for dessert and this one, by book publicist and avid baker Charlotte Ree, is as warming and delicious as they come. Charlotte says it’s the simplicity of this recipe that first attracted her to it “the fewer ingredients the better” which also makes it perfect to prepare anywhere.