This Way Forward: Marking B Corp Month at IN BED

 Lead image by Saskia Wilson

B Corp® is a global movement of people using business as a force for good that IN BED is immensely proud to be a part of. This March marks a month long campaign centred to the theme 'This Way Forward', and to honour the occasion we are sharing the moves we've made to both achieve and maintain our status as a B Corporation. A business always in momentum, we believe the work is never done. We aim to regularly be learning, improving and introducing new initiatives to ensure IN BED is the best it can be for our team, for our planet, and for you - our community.

To mark our B Corp® certification, IN BED collaborated with florist Hattie Molloy, photographer Saskia Wilson & stylist Nat Turnbull to create this set of wild grass & seasonal produce

Conscious production & a traceable supply chain… 

As part of our status as a B Corp® certified business, we are committed to respecting, understanding and tracing every step of our supply chain - down to the raw materialThis means working with a trusted network of thoroughly vetted, independently certified factories and ensuring that the expectations set for our products and for the people who make them are consistent, ethical and exceedingly high.

The majority of our products are manufactured in Portugal, we work closely with our factories here and all must adhere to a strict Supplier Code of Conduct which defines standards for safe working conditions and environmental responsibility. Each one has their own unique history, for example our GOTS (Global Organic Texture Standard) certified organic cotton towels are produced in a family owned and operated factory which has been in business for over 50 years.

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A collection of quilts created by Sherrin Koch that utilised a mix of IN BED samples, offcuts and reclaimed linen as part of our Back in Bed program

Creating a circular economy...  

We only make what we need, working closely with our suppliers to forecast demands. The conservative amount of our product that goes out into the world is designed to be used and cherished for years to come. Any disused or faulty stock is donated to our charity and sustainability partners, Women's Community Shelter, the RSPCA & Textile Recyclers Australia.

It is our intention that no IN BED product ever reaches landfill, instead our environmental priorities are; reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle.

We have also commissioned a series of ongoing projects to create new products from textiles that are unused or very lightly worn. In 2022, IN BED collaborated with Sherrin Koch at Heirloom Quality Supplies to design a hand-crafted selection of six, heirloom quality quilts utilising a mix of samples, offcuts and reclaimed linen.

It is our intention that no IN BED product ever reaches landfill, instead our environmental priorities are; reduce, reuse, repurpose & recycle.

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A Corp® installation at our Armadale store, marking our 2022 certification

Our IN BED guarantee…  

IN BED products are made to last, we use only the highest quality materials and offer a 2 year warranty. However, as with most natural products made using biodegradable materials, we appreciate that eventually they will need to be replaced. 

Our Back in Bed program means that whenever you return IN BED products no longer in use, we will extend a 20% discount on your next purchase. Once we receive your item/s, the RSPCA will be sent towels, rugs & throws to be used in their animal shelters and hospitals. Other products from our bedding, sleepwear and kitchen collections will be sent to Textile Recyclers Australia to be broken down into yarn and woven into new fabrics. 

Once returned to us, we are able to see first hand that our products have been well used, often 365 days of the year. This assures us that our community are using their products and not buying unnecessarily or buying and not utilising a product. For this, and many reasons, we are grateful to our customers for joining us on this journey towards progress, not perfection. 

Our community are using their products and not buying unnecessarily or buying and not utilising a product.

This year's Corp® month is a testament to the fact that our certification is not a final destination, but a starting point. If you have any feedback, questions, or ideas relating to our sustainability practices or Corp® initiatives, we'd love to hear from you. 

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