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one-hundred and sixty-six
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Read IN BED: Goodbye Vitamin

Rachel Khong is, or rather was, the editor of the sadly-closed food magazine Lucky Peach and this is her first novel. It is fantastically easy to read – the kind of thing you can flick through on a Sunday morning and find yourself finishing in the afternoon, even including breaking for cups of coffee and mid-afternoon pastries.

one-hundred and fifty-three
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Read IN BED: Siracusa

“Smoking is a reason to get up every morning. If I pass a smoker, I breathe deeply and for a second, life is better. I...

one-hundred and forty-one
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Read IN BED: Party Girls Die In Pearls

Plum Sykes took a long vacation from writing and is back with the first in what is intended to be a new series: Party Girls Die In Pearls. It has all the charm of her first book, the same champagne bubble heroine and sparkling dialogue and wistful descriptions of dresses and jewels.

one-hundred and thirty-four
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Read IN BED: Oranges

A whole book about oranges, I can hear you groan. Why would I want to read that? Because did you know that Florida produces more oranges than Italy, Spain and Morocco put together? And that there’s an Orange baron in the state worth more than $20 million? Do you know what the lives of...

one-hundred and twenty-three
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Read IN BED: Love, Nina

This is one of my favourite books of all time: Love Nina, by Nina Stibbe. I read this almost three years ago in a hurry, devouring each page hungrily over a long weekend in winter before I knew I was starting a full time job and probably wouldn’t have much time to read for pleasure.

one-hundred and ten
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Read IN BED: The Girls

The gruesome killings; an unhinged and enigmatic leader; innocence lost — after nearly half a century, the details of the Manson Family murders still captivate and horrify. Whilst inspired by these infamous events, Emma Cline’s debut novel is more of a remarkable and at times poetic coming-of-age story.

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Read IN BED: The Girls