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one-hundred and twelve
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Tanja Kovacevic

We spent an afternoon with Tanja Kovacevic of Petite Grand, drinking rose tea and playing with her adorable dog Max.

one-hundred and eleven
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As an extraordinarily talented artist and philosophical mind, Stanislava shares an insight into her intensely creative world, with humility and intelligence well beyond her years.

one-hundred and ten
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Read IN BED: The Girls

The gruesome killings; an unhinged and enigmatic leader; innocence lost — after nearly half a century, the details of the Manson Family murders still captivate and horrify. Whilst inspired by these infamous events, Emma Cline’s debut novel is more of a remarkable and at times poetic coming-of-age story.

one-hundred and nine
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Luke Woodard

Designer Luke Woodard is the co-founder of Sweatshop, a creative design studio slash café. The Sweatshop look is easy to identify – considered and industrial; splashes of charcoal upon whitewashed brick.

one-hundred and eight
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Bobby & Steve Clarke

We chatted to artists Bobby and Steve Clark in their apartment in Thornbury about how they met, their journey from Scotland to Melbourne and their complementary artwork but opposing creative processes.

one-hundred and seven
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Not IN BED: Lisbon

Sprawling over the banks of the Tagus river, Lisbon oozes a beauty you have to clap your eyes on in the flesh to truly ...

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Not IN BED: Lisbon