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two-hundred and twenty-one
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Sarah Cooper, Carlton, Melbourne

We step into the carefully considered world of Sarah Cooper

two-hundred and twenty
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Watch IN BED: Basquiat

They never found the prince. He never got out of the room. But that sound he made, filled everything up with beauty. ...

two-hundred and nineteen
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Olivia Fleming and Matt Rubin, Brooklyn

We visit creative couple Olivia Fleming and Matt Rubin in their Brooklyn brownstone home.

two-hundred and eighteen
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Read IN BED: Feel Free

“When I was eight years old my family moved out of a council estate and into what seemed to me a mansion. From the ...

two-hundred and seventeen
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Alessandro Arienzo, Mexico City

We visit the home of an architect for whom drawing is an integral part of everyday life.

two-hundred and sixteen
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Chrissy Leavell, Los Angeles

Chrissy Leavell perceives her world through a kind of cinematic reverie. She talks about her city with intimate observation and poetry, and she founded her business, Une Heures as a way to further her romance with aesthetic emotion.

two-hundred and fifteen
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Eat IN BED: Leftover Veg Antipasto Pickles with Alex Elliott-Howery

Pickling is addictive - it hooked Alex Elliott-Howery many years ago and her curiosity and zeal for it has only grown since.

two-hundred and fourteen
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Luis & Camila, Mexico City

We visit the home of a very multidisciplinary couple in Mexico City.

two-hundred and thirteen
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Lyn Harris, London UK

We spend a morning before work with Lyn at home - she shows us plans for a new space and tells us why she can’t live without her favourite cup of tea.

two-hundred and twelve
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Read IN BED: Lullaby

Lullaby is a slim novel that you can tear through in a frenzied afternoon, with a roster of iced coffees by your side.

two-hundred and eleven
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Jasmin Scott, Auckland NZ

We visit the family home of the NZ Designer behind Jasmin Sparrow.

two-hundred and ten
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Not IN BED: Bologna

It would be unfair of me to suggest that Bologna is the best city in Italy, especially given that it is the only city in Italy that I have ever visited, albeit multiple times.

two-hundred and nine
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Alexa De La Cruz, Mexico City

Model and Designer, Alexa De La Cruz is graceful and considered in both style and demeanour. Preferring natural materials and earthy colourways, Alexa has fostered a home space for her family with these same, satisfying characteristics. In the heart of the ever vibrant Mexico City, it’s a calm and cosy haven for her to enjoy making the most of everyday with her partner and her baby son.

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