100% Organic Cotton Bath Sheet Set Lilac

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 Our bath towels are made from 100% certified organic cotton. Produced in a range of colours designed to bring character and joy to your bathroom and bathing rituals.

This set includes 2 x Bath Sheets & 2 x Hand Towels
By purchasing these pieces in a set you save 10%

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100% Organic Cotton Bath Sheet in Lilac Bath Sheet 100% Organic Cotton Hand Towel in Lilac Hand

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Made in Portugal
100% certified Organic cotton

Bath sheet weight 550GSM
hand towel weight 600GSM

We use only high quality, natural fibres and fabrics as, along with being the most beautiful, they are the most environmentally friendly.

Natural fibres are biodegradable and ensure micro plastics are not released when products are washed.

All factories we work with sign our Supplier Code of Conduct & hold specific certifications relevant to each country that ensure workers are treated and paid a living wage, as well as adhering to a strict set of environmental & social best practises.

We work with animal products sparingly and when we do we ensure they come only from unmuesled animals.

Our linen is mechanically softened with volcanic stones rather than harsh chemicals.

All our textile products are dyed using eco friendly products containing no harmful substances.

Made in Portugal from 100% Cotton.

Wash before use. Gentle machine wash with warm water

Line or tumble dry (tumble dry will help keep your towels soft and fluffy)

Avoid fabric softeners as this may affect your towels natural absorbency

If pile loops get caught and pulls free, cut them off at the base with sharp scissors. Cutting loose ends will prevent affecting other areas. Leaving loose threads dangling will cause it to unravel faster

Keeping your towel soft & fluffy;

When you first receive your new towel we recommend shaking it out well to loosen the pile. We also recommend storing your towel somewhere a little humid (like in the bathroom while you take a shower) and either using or washing it straight away to bring back the soft & fluffy feel which may have been a little squashed during transit.