We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment by only using packaging made with natural, reusable or recyclable material.

At IN BED we think deeply about every part of our production process; from raw materials to the packaging your purchase arrives in. We’re conscious that each stage of making something has a different impact on the environment, and, in many cases traditional packaging can outlive the item it was originally designed to protect. That’s why all of our packaging is made with natural, reusable or recyclable fabrics.

Product Bags

Our linen bags are made from factory fabrics’ and IN BED production offcuts and ensure our linen arrives with you safely and in perfect condition. We’ve found our customers put IN BED bags to a variety of uses from sorting socks and underwear to organising different categories when packing.

However if you do not have any need for your linen bags and would like to return them for reuse by IN BED you are more than welcome to return them to us in store, either by post or in person, at:

72b Oxford Street, Paddington
NSW 2021

No poly-bag policy

We have a strict ‘no individual poly-bag’ policy with our production partners meaning that goods are never individually wrapped in plastic when shipped; unfortunately this is still common practice in the textiles industry. In rare cases where poly-bag use is unavoidable, we opt for EPI poly-bags which are made using degradable plastics.

Shipping Boxes

The boxes we send our product out in are made from FSC certified cardboard and are entirely recyclable. This includes the paper the product is wrapped in, the sticker sealing the paper and the water adhesive paper tape that seals the box. The only item not recyclable is the shipping label which is currently a requirement of our third party logistics company and something we are working to resolve as a brand. We currently advise you to remove this sticker before reusing or recycling the rest of your packaging.

Product Tags

The swing tags used on our products are plastic free and completely recyclable once the barcode sticker has been removed. This includes the recyclable twine which secures the tag to your product.